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Faculty of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering Objectives
The objective of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Program at MEF University is to educate graduates to successfully follow their professional career objectives in civil engineering and/or in related fields. This will be achieved by preparing them with strong foundation in mathematics, sciences and engineering skills required to analyze and design civil engineering structures. The graduates will be prepared to demonstrate understanding societal, global, environmental, and sustainability issues related to civil engineering with effective communication, teamwork, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.
A Short Description of Civil Engineering 
Civil Engineering Program at MEF University is designed to provide basic undergraduate education with emphasis on strong foundation in mathematics, sciences and engineering skills required to analyze and design civil engineering structures. It is aimed to inspire students and prepare them for successful civil engineering careers and for lifelong learning. The program is developed to emphasize on the fundamentals of civil engineering principles and design techniques and also humanities and social sciences, and management. The program enables students to take elective courses to focus on the concentration areas such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering or construction management. The program emphasizes on the importance of personal and professional ethics, business and management leadership. The summer practice or internship during sophomore and junior years will give students the chance to familiarize them with civil engineering applications. 
Job Opportunities
The graduates of Civil Engineering Program can start working in consulting and design offices or at construction sites in urbanization, urban renewal, and civil infrastructure projects going on throughout Turkey and also in some neighboring countries. Some of the graduates can continue to study for advanced degrees to get into research and development projects.
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